Reactionless Balancer
CP9959 BALANCER 22.0-25.0KG 48.5-55.1LB Produktfoto
Designed to improve operator ergonomics while also improving your quality of production. The reactionless balancers have a working load up to 105lbs (105 Kg). They feature stainless steel cables with adjustable weight limits and a locking mechanism to lock the tool at any height. In addition, the durable impact-resistant cast aluminum housing with safety suspension, helps to improve operator safety while increasing your productivity.
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CP9959 BALANCER 22.0-25.0KG 48.5-55.1LB

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Stainless steel cables to ensure high performance
Adjustable weight limits
Locking device to hold the load at any height
Equipped with a safety lock system to prevent drops
Upper rotary suspension with a safety hook