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Air fuses

In a working environment, operator safety matters as much as productivity does. When a fitting comes loose from a pressurized hose or the hose is damaged (sometimes severed completely), the hose starts to blow an excessive amount of air in an uncontrolled way, causing whiplash. This can cause injury and damage to the work place and environment. A way to avoid this is to use an air fuse.

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Air fuse
Fixed between the FRL and the hose, this small accessory will prevent from hose whiplash. It quickly shuts off the supply and resets automatically as soon as back pressure in the line downstream is restored.

Air fuse installation

When a hose breaks or connection fails, the piston inside the air fuse automatically stops the airflow

When an air fuse shuts off, a very small amount (<0.3 bars) of air is still going through the valve. After a shut-off situation is resolved, the air fuse is automatically reset. Using an air fuse also meets OSHA requirement 1926.302 (USA) and may eliminate the need for a restraining or shielding hose, as required by the European Standard.

How to select your air fuse?

The air fuse should always be selected according to 3 values: - Maximum tool air consumption (see catalog value), - Hose diameter and length*, - Air line thread type.

Providing a safe working environment for operators is essential, especially when using pneumatic tools and compressed air. If there is a failure in the air network and the hose is not adequately clamped, the resulting whiplash could be devastating. Failure to follow best practice can result in injuries, associated production downtime and decreased productivity. In this video Annabelle Bray, our Accessories Product Manager, demonstrates how to fit an air fuse to an air line set-up in just a few seconds, and gives advice to increase safety in the workplace and protect workers from potential hose whiplash.

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