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Chicago Pneumatic is releasing 2 Ultracapacitor Batteryless Jump Starters to be used in workshops or for roadside assistance

February 14, 2017

Product Workshop Equipment Boosters & Capacitors

These powerful new Chicago Pneumatic ultracapacitor boosters are designed to safely jump start a flat battery within seconds, even in adverse conditions. The ultracapacitor technology is able to harness the power from a weak battery and boost it to start 12v light vehicles.

Extremely High Starting Power High Quality - CP90250 - 8941090250
CP90250 and CP90500 deliver high starting power up to 9000 A peak (CP90500 model) to jump start small and large gas or diesel engines such as passenger cars and pickup trucks, light trucks, boats & motorbikes. Chicago Pneumatic ultracapacitor batteryless jump starters are equipped with an alert to prevent polarity inversion and a fuse to protect both the booster and the vehicle. Once the flat battery is running again, the ultracapacitor is recharging quickly on the running engine, in less than 30 seconds. They are 20%+ lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries for easier and more comfortable transportation. Finally, CP90250 and CP90500 jump starters are guaranteed 5 years with a long lifespan, up to 1 million cycles.

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