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White paper: new trends in materials within heavy-duty industries affect tool choice

July 6, 2020

White paper: new trends in materials within heavy-duty industries affect tool choice

An increasing number of materials are now available to offer much-needed weight reduction, higher strength, and corrosion resistance in traditional heavy-industry applications, such as transport and machinery. Metalworkers need to be aware of the unique requirements they present to tool choice and techniques to ensure efficient, productive, and safe operation. With this in mind, we wanted to share our expertise to help managers ensure that their workers have access to tools that can help them work smarter and safer.

To guide metalworkers in overcoming the challenges of working with new materials, we are revealing a white paper titled Trends in materials within heavy-duty industries and their impact on metalworking applications and tools. The paper explores typical use cases of materials, such as steel, titanium, and composites, along with explaining how managers can unlock new levels of productivity by equipping their workers with tools that offer the best match for each material.

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Working with new materials can be a challenge, but it is easy to overcome with the right tools. The problem is lack of awareness: if you have recently switched materials, you might not realize that the tools you have previously used no longer deliver optimal results. At Chicago Pneumatic, we understand the pressure managers face when it comes to driving productivity and ensuring workers’ safety. That is why this white paper gives practical guidance on tool choice to help metalworkers achieve a smooth transition between various materials and applications, and to help them find the most effective way of working.

Pol Dunoyer , Global Business Development Manager at Chicago Pneumatic
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The white paper starts by looking at current trends in heavy-industry materials, comparing their benefits, and exploring typical applications. It then discusses various metalworking processes in more detail, providing examples of how different tools can help enhance material removal in casting and fabrication applications. Finally, the paper recommends how to select the right tool for some common metalworking tasks depending on the material and reveals additional tactics managers can leverage to optimize their application.

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As a global manufacturer of power tools, we invest heavily in developing new designs and testing our products to ensure they provide the highest levels of quality and safety. However, we also believe it is important that we actively share our knowledge to help our customers improve productivity and enhance operators’ wellbeing. With this white paper, we further expand our expertise and support to our customers and the metalworking community.

Pol Dunoyer , Global Business Development Manager at Chicago Pneumatic
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