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CP3650 Series - Industrial grinders & sanders

Engineered for productivity. Ideal for grinding, sanding, cutting, contouring, deburring, finishing and weld cleaning.

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Our CP3650 angle grinders and sanders feature:

A durable helical bevel gear with an advanced design

developed to reduce vibrations and to decrease stress on the gears when transmitting torque to the abrasive. The result is a maintenance interval of up to 2,000 hours.

A low noise level exhaust

with built-in anti-backing valve.

A streamlined and ergonomic two-position safety trigger

that can be adapted to an operator’s grip above or below the housing.

A composite thermal insulating over-sleeve

that provides excellent comfort and grip for safer extended operation.

A spindle lock feature

that allows for a quick and easy abrasive replacement to reduce tool downtime.

A vibration-damping side handle

for greater operator comfort. It can be positioned for left-hand or right-hand use.

Feature highlight:

A governed air motor of 2.3 hp / 1700 W

governed motor

that delivers its maximum torque close to the free speed of the tool, prevents overspeed and reduces air consumption. Read more

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The CP3650 industrial grinders & sanders series is ideal for:

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