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Chicago Pneumatic CP3550 Series Expands to Meet All Your Industrial Grinding and Sanding Needs

November 8, 2019

With the addition of seven new products, Chicago Pneumatic has created a comprehensive range of grinders and sanders meeting management needs to increase productivity while offering operator comfort. Its expanded CP3550 series promises high-quality finishes with minimal effort, thanks to powerful and easy-to-handle metal-working tools offering intensive industrial durability at an accessible price.

The expansion to a 12-model range allows perfect matching of applications and tools. These innovative products score highly over competitors in terms of performance and ergonomics. Their superior power creates greater torque for faster material removal rates, increasing user productivity. Efficiency is further boosted by easier tool handling and control, with better comfort. This allows fast, precise work and reduces operator fatigue.

Paul Olsowske , Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Tools

The new additions

A 6” angle grinder has been added to the existing three models with 4-up-to-5” wheels. Four new die grinders – two standard and two extended – join the previous angle die grinder. These come complete with an Erickson 200 collet for attachments of ¼” and 6 mm mounted points and carbide burrs. The two current 5” angle sanders are now complemented by two new tools for use with 7” abrasive pads.

The other addition is the low-speed sander, whose gearbox generates high torque with reduced speed (3,000 rpm) for polishing or delicate applications. It operates with 7” or 9” sanding wheels or flapwheels and – like the angle sanders – gives a choice of models with ⅝” or M14 shaft threads. Designed primarily for high-output work environments like foundries, casting plants, fabrication shops and shipyards, the CP3550 series tools are also ideal for production and maintenance operations involving cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys and composites. Typical tasks include deburring, contouring, chamfering, fettling, weld seam removal, surface preparation, cleaning, polishing and finishing.

Best in class

Compared to direct competitors in its category, the CP3550 series with its 1.5 hp, 1100 W governed motor delivers the highest power. In tests against competitor products, material removal rates using CP3550 tools were over 50 percent higher – and in one case over 80 percent.

Advanced features on all models include a rotating inlet swivel – found on no other comparable tool at this power level – which enables free maneuvering and avoids hose knots. The streamlined safety lever found on each tool can be operated comfortably, even while wearing thick gloves, and is easily directed downwards. Small diameter handles give a comfortable grip, while a thermally insulated composite over-sleeve avoids the discomfort of handling cold tools over long periods of time. Meanwhile, unique silencer foam technology reduces noise emissions.

Downtime for accessory changes on the CP3550 angle grinders and angle sanders is reduced by a fast and simple spindle lock feature requiring just one wrench. The keyless angle grinder guard adjustment – unique amongst direct competitors – enables quick changes, even when wearing gloves, to suit different work positions and to deflect sparks safely.

A complete range for high-quality finishes with minimal effort

With the CP3550 series tools you get a lot of power, performance and ergonomic features at an affordable price. Customers also save on operating costs, thanks to a 1,000-hour maintenance interval and a tough construction designed for long life and reliability in demanding industrial applications. Best of all, you can now meet all your grinding and sanding needs through one complete range of compatible pneumatic tools. With the CP3550 series, you get a great quality finish with great ease."

Paul Olsowske , Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Tools