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Chicago Pneumatic Tool Calibration

Tool Calibration

Calibration is a vital step in ensuring tools are working as they should be, giving correct readings and providing a safe working environment for users. Calibration is essential to maintaining tools' accuracy and repeatability over time. 

Keep confidence in your tools with a certified calibration from Chicago Pneumatic for the CP76 BlueTork Pneumatic Torque Wrench and the CP86 Cordless Torque Wrench Series:

  • $495 per calibration
  • Plus $100 OFF your first one! 

Boosts productivity with high quality

  • Keeps the tool accurate and helps avoid risks of improper tightening
  • Maintains safety for operators and end users over time

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Provides a safe and traceable tightening process

  • Fulfills ISO and national standard requirements
  • Provides proof incase of liability issues 

To send your tool in for calibration, fill out the form below and someone from our Calibration department will reach out. 

Thank you!

Chicago Pneumatic also offers a care plan designed to boost your uptime and productivity. Learn more about CP Care here.