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Chicago Pneumatic offers a full range of tools and solutions for the metalworking industry. Trust the material removal expert to select your angle, vertical or die grinders, and angle and belt sanders for your metal operations.

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Metalworking markets

Metalworking covers the complete value chain of metal production and transformation, from casting single parts to finishing complex welded assemblies. As such, it is a vital industrial sector, needed by many industries from automotive to shipbuilding to machinery.

Metalworking applications

Metal operations include grinding and cutting; deburring of cast parts; chamfering of frames and structures; surface preparation prior to welding; weld seam removal; surface finishing and sanding. 

Célia Esnault- Global Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

To minimize risks and challenges in metalworking, selecting the right tools and implementing proper operational and maintenance practices is essential. Chicago Pneumatic offers expert guidance on tool selection, prioritizing operator safety while maintaining a competitive edge. With their support, operators can enhance productivity and ensure a safe working environment in metalworking applications.

Célia Esnault , Global Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

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