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CP1117 Series - Industrial pistol drills

Heavy duty industrial drills. Ideal for drilling, mixing, tapping and reaming operations.

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Heavy duty industrial drills, our CP1117 pistol drills are:


■ The CP Ergo Wing allows for an ergonomic posture aligning the wrist and the tool for the best force transmission therefore reducing fatigue for the operator. ■ Their ergonomic durable body and their teasing trigger design also avoid fatigue. ■ The soft side handle reduces reaction shock therefore avoiding fatigue for long operations. This handle direction can be changed for operator’s comfort. ■ Built-in silencer into the exhaust reduces the noise for operator’s comfort.

Durable and accurate

■ The strong and precise gearbox allows for high durability and less vibration during aggressive drilling. ■ The Jacobs industrial chucks (keyed or keyless) allows for accurate and hard drilling.


■ To prevent accidental drops of tools, a suspension hook can be inserted into the drills.

Explore the CP1117 range:

1/2" pistol drill - This picture fits to: CP1117P05 - 615 158 0130 - 2600 RPM / CP1117P09 - 615 158 0110 - 3200 RPM

A 18-model range

Including 5 key chuck models, 5 keyless models, 5 models without chuck and 3 ATEX models for use in explosive environments.

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The CP1117 pistol drills series is ideal for:

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