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Chicago Pneumatic launches new eBlueTork Series of battery torque wrenches for heavy commercial vehicles

March 1, 2024

Safety of assembly workers and vehicle occupants guaranteed through improved mobility and total traceability

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Chicago Pneumatic introduces its new CP8609 series of eBlueTork battery-operated heavy duty torque wrenches, designed for rapid and accurate tire changing on large commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and waste collection. Building on the success of the CP86 series, eBlueTork offers enhanced features for improved operator and passenger safety, traceability and productivity in nutrunning operations.

A long experience in developing hand assembly tools for automotive applications

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eBlueTork is the latest addition to the popular BlueTork range of pneumatic torque wrenches. It draws upon Chicago Pneumatic’s long experience in developing hand assembly tools for automotive applications, including the legacy CP797 and CP7782-6 torque wrench models.

Offering superior operator safety

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Wheel tightening is a safety-critical operation where accuracy and repeatability are essential. Under-tightening of the wheel nuts can cause the wheel to loosen over time, while over-tightening can cause undue stress to the fasteners. Either scenario could lead to catastrophic failure, resulting in a serious accident that could put lives in danger. Chicago Pneumatic designed the eBlueTork to reduce operator error by offering superior operator safety, mobility and comfort, while incorporating unique features to improve torque accuracy.

eBlueTork ergonomic design and minimal vibration reduce operator fatigue

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eBlueTork allows operators greater mobility than its pneumatic torque wrench counterparts, while continuing to deliver precise and consistent results in the workshop or during roadside assistance. Its ergonomic design and minimal vibration reduce operator fatigue, while its powerful and effortless performance requires only one operator compared to manual torque wrenches. The safety button feature necessitates that both hands are on the tool for operation, further reducing the risk of operator injury.

CPLinQ allows managers to set up, control, report and monitor tightening

Torque parameters can be input directly into the tool, but multiple tool programming can be achieved quickly and accurately using eBlueTork with CPLinQ, Chicago Pneumatic’s proprietary app. In combination with CPLinQ, the CP8609 eBlueTork series offers the first battery-operated heavy duty torque wrenches to combine safety and traceability. CPLinQ allows managers to set up, control, report and monitor tightening tasks across multiple torque wrenches via a mobile device. The app collects all tightening data and collates it into an Excel report, providing an accurate audit trail for customer and manufacturer compliance specifications. CPLinQ saves time, decreases errors and rework, and enables a more rapid return to service

Torque Check Function, a must-have!

eBlueTork also offers Torque Check, which allows maintenance and safety checks over time to ensure the correct torque is continuously applied. This feature enables tightening to the correct level if the torque setting is too low but will not allow overtightening.

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We strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance manufacturing efficiency. When it comes to wheel maintenance, one of the key challenges is controlling loose bolts without adding unnecessary torque. That's where our CP86 eBlueTork Torque Check function comes into play, revolutionizing fleet maintenance practices. Control loose bolts with precision, without adding torque

Nil Gauter , Product Manager Assembly System

Designed for Tire management

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The new CP8609 eBlueTork series features a long lasting and compact battery and offers a torque range from 220 ft.lbs (300 Nm) to 665 ft.lbs (900 Nm). A highly durable gearbox delivers speeds of up to 15 rpm and achieves a precision of +/- 4%. Customers can select from three types of reaction arms – blade, standard cup or extended cup – and four feature levels: stand alone, connected, connected quality and torque check.

Learn more about the CP8609 eBlueTork for Truck and Bus applications.

The best way to verify the performance and ease of handling is to try it out. Ask our team to demonstrate the tool’s capabilities to you in a real-life situation.