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Vehicle Service


Vehicle Service catalog cover
Chicago Pneumatic Tools offers hundreds of quality air tools designed for the specific needs of the automotive aftermarket industry: impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, drills, grinders, sanders and polishers, cutting tools, and a whole lot more.


One-Stop-Shop For All your Tire Changing Needs

At every step of the way, we are there for you to provide all the needed equipment, tools and accessories for your day-to-day job. From lifting the vehicle to untightening and tightening, we offer a full range of solutions to equip your shop.

We understand the specific needs of maintaining and repairing 2-wheelers, cars and truck fleets. Chicago Pneumatic helps make tough jobs easier. We provide products that are reliable and robust, they offer great ergonomics for user comfort and are easy to use.

Safety on the job is key for us and is always top of mind when developing our products. You can rely on our knowledge, our tools, our equipment and our expert recommendation to make sure you are safe at all times when changing your tires