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5 Power-Tools Service Offers to Better Manage Oil and Gas Turnarounds and Shutdowns​

Oil, gas & petrochemical Company News

June 7, 2023

5 World-class services for Oil & Gas turnarounds and shutdowns management...

5 World-class services for Oil & Gas turnarounds and shutdowns management...

With decades of experience in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries, Chicago Pneumatic is keenly aware of the inherent economic and strategic challenges your operation faces day to day - Safety, Productivity, and Traceability.  We offer a full set of services and solutions to assist oil-field service companies at every stage of operation. 

From customer needs assessment to after-sales service, your operation benefit from the unfailing support of a dedicated expert network. Whether managing shutdowns, turnarounds, maintenance of crude oil transportation (repair of flanges, pipelines, transportation pumps), heat exchangers, oil tanks and reservoirs, Chicago Pneumatic will assist you in getting the highest productivity and performance out of your power tools

Continue reading to discover 5 service offers you should consider to meet the needs of upstream, midstream, and downstream service companies for commissioning, decommissioning, shutdowns, and turnarounds.

1. On-site Customer needs assessment

Committed to optimizing process efficiency, quality and safety

Optimizing shutdown maintenance processes is one of the most critical – and often overlooked – points in the oil and gas industry. Through on-site visits, process surveys, demonstrations, tool handling assistance, and consistent follow-ups, we help oil and gas service companies improve the overall operational efficiency of each shutdown maintenance task.

National Sales Manager UK - Ireland / Norway

Thanks to our expertise, we have a holistic understanding of the situation and are able to point out where the problem comes from and what needs to be improved or changed (the tool, the process or both).

Andrew DAVIES , National Sales Manager UK & Ireland / Norway @ Chicago Pneumatic

Our Technical Sales Engineers have in-depth knowledge of industry-specific applications, allowing them to quickly observe and detect inefficiencies causing slowdowns. All parameters are considered, from productivity, to noise, vibrations, and general health & safety. Discover our partnerships with key Oil and Gas players.

Aramco Logo

Completing a job in three days instead of seven saves us millions of dollars.

Mishra Siddharth , Maintenance & Reliability Engineer, Saudi Aramco

2. Offering innovative traceability solutions - Quality Control App

Our tools and solutions include the latest technological innovations available on the market.  One example is the integration of smart data management features, providing digital quality control service.

Connected to the CP86 cordless torque wrench, the CPLinQ application secures your process quality with data collection and counting sequence set-up. This makes the CP86-CPLinQ combination the perfect bolting solution to overcome the three main challenges encountered in onshore and offshore applications: productivity, quality, and safety.

3. A carefully selected dealer at your doorstep

Find a CP dealer

To ensure timely, high quality, and consistent maintenance work, Chicago Pneumatic partners with premium local distributors that always have:

  • capacity to repair
  • available stock of spare parts
  • tools on the shelf

4. Online guidance and expertise

You can also count on a full range of online videos, guides, white papers and articles - dedicated to best practices, usage recommendations and safety improvements - available on the Expert Corner section of Chicago Pneumatic’s website.

A dedicated expert network to get the most out of your power tools

A dedicated expert network to get the most out of your power tools

5. After-sale service efficiency - increase you battery tools' lifespan

Damien NEAU - Business Line Service Manager

The role of the Business Line Service is to provide the client with all the necessary keys to ensure proper use of the tool and increase its lifecycle while guaranteeing its original performance and reliability.

Damien NEAU , Business Line Service Manager @ Chicago Pneumatic

Discover CP Care to extend the life of your tool by up to 20%

To maximize your battery tool’s utility and value throughout its lifetime, our Service Department assists you with:

  • on-site commissioning
  • maintenance
  • and repair services
CP Care

In the context of sustainable development, CP Service is committed to offering the best support to keep your tool in optimum working condition and increase its lifespan, either by usage recommendations or providing preventive and corrective maintenance with original parts

With the rise of connected solutions, our Service Department is staffed with the most qualified experts to manage calibration and software updates.