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CP3550 Series - Industrial angle & die grinders and sanders

One industrial range for all your grinding and sanding needs. Ideal for deburring, contouring, chamfering, fettling, weld seam removal, surface cleaning preparation, cleaning, polishing, finishing and sanding.

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Developed with industry standards in mind, our CP3550 angle grinders and sanders feature:

Industrial strength

1,000-hour maintenance interval.

Industrial grade power with high productivity gains

1.5 hp / 1100 W governed motor delivers industrial performance in intensive material removal applications. The tool can remove up to 80% more material than existing solutions on the market.

Easy to handle and bring more comfort

■ The rotative inlet air swivel allows excellent maneuverability and easy tool operation, while preventing air hose knots. ■ A unique keyless angle grinder guard adjustment which enables quick changes, even when wearing gloves, to suit different work positions and to deflect sparks safely.

One range, one body offering great comfort with excellent durability


Streamlined safety lever

can be operated comfortably, even in thick gloves, and can be easily oriented downwards.

Composite over-sleeve

thermal insulating sleeve avoids the discomfort of handling cold tools over long periods, while the small diameter handles give a comfortable grip.

Intricate silencer

The unique silencer foam technology reduces noise levels down to 86 dB(A).

Explore the CP3550 series:

CP3550-range grey-banner

6 angle grinders

Great comfort and excellent durability

Find your CP3550 angle grinders

6151620300 - 6151620310

4 angle sanders and 2 low speed angle sanders

Great comfort and excellent durability, especially in sensitive applications

Find your CP3550 angle sanders

6151600620 - 6151600630

4 die grinders and 1 angle die grinder

Power and productivity

Find your CP3550 die grinders


Air line accessories:

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Achieve a high-quality finish with great ease with the CP3550 series – a complete family of pneumatic tools designed to meet all your grinding and sanding needs.

Pol Dunoyer , Global Business Development Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

Designed for intensive applications: