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Oil, Gas and Petrochemical​

A commitment to Safety and Traceability​

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By combining the proven reliability and performance of our air and power tools with fast, responsive customer support, we help you maximize your oil and gas uptime and performance and protect while protecting  your operator. As a leader in pneumatic field tools, Chicago Pneumatic began working with industrial manufacturers in the 1900s. Since then, our transformation has begun to bring you not only pneumatic tools but also power tools for all applications, including exploration, production, processing, transportation, etc.

Now and in the future, we remain at your side to ensure you benefit from our many years of collaboration with the biggest players in the Oil & Gas market. We understand the challenges you face and your need for a reliable, efficient tool that minimizes downtime and ensures user safety. Working together, we deliver process control, safety, and service, as you expect. 

Main industries served​

Oil & Gas range approved​

CP86 Series 3D with CPLinQ app

With the CP8613CQ, I am sure that my team is operating safely. It is a perfect solution for mobility and process control, which are now mandatory for our new process and traceability requirements. It is the tool’s safety features, that make it the right choice for our Refining Plant. The second start button and the locking system are crucial for operator safety.

Safety and Quality Manager at an Oil & Gas operating company

Optimize your process, Increase your uptime​

100%​ Traceability

Follow counting sequences and generate a report at the end of the job with Chicago Pneumatic products​

Objective 0% Rework​

To help you to reduce downtime is our mindset. All our new product ranges are designed with a 0% rework objective​

Up to 85 % Productivity increased*

Decrease the operating time cost and optimize your workforce​.

*Based on oil and gas customers
using the CP86CQ cordless torque wrench​

Oil & Gas requirements design in mind

Christophe Roland, Product Marketing Manager @ Chicago Pneumatic

The Voice of Customer program conducted for two years has raised customers’ expectations in terms of greater mobility and quality. Easy handling and traceability are now possible with the CP86 series.

Christophe Roland , Product Marketing Manager @ Chicago Pneumatic

Let’s address your challenging applications

Capable of meeting various demanding applications in the Oil & Gas industry, including flange assembly, BOP, pumps, and heat exchangers in confined spaces and dangerous environments.​

Discover Oil & Gas range in video​

CP86 Series

CP3750 Series