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Chicago Pneumatic launches the first real ¾’’ stubby impact wrench CP7762

Darbeli Anahtarlar Araç Servis Takımları

20 Haziran 2017 Salı

Chicago Pneumatic launches the first real ¾’’ stubby impact wrench to be used for heavy vehicle general mechanic applications in workshops or for roadside assistance.

CP7762 - 8941077620 - 3/4" Impact Wrench


This new compact Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench is designed to work into tight spaces and get access to confined bolts for instance within engine compartments. Chicago Pneumatics’ new CP7762 measures just 6.2” (158.7mm) in length and weighs a mere 6.6 lbs. (3.0 kg). Small but powerful, the CP7762 is equipped with a rugged steel motor that delivers a powerful 1050 ft.lbs (1420 Nm) in reverse for high productivity. Featuring a twin hammer action and an aluminum housing, the CP7762 is capable of delivering optimum performance in the toughest operating environment. Operator comfort is an integral part of this new stubby impact wrench’s design. This is evident in the fact that the CP7762 is a well-balanced tool and features an ergonomic P-handle with full teasing trigger. The controls are designed and positioned for ease of use and include a one hand forward and Reverse speed regulator button as well as a side-to-side forward and reverse system.