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Chicago Pneumatic CP3750 7” series grinders and sanders offer right level of performance and optimal ergonomics when it comes to industry

Metalworking Material removal Industry Sanders Grinders

September 21, 2021

CP3750 7” series grinders & sanders: right level of performance & optimal ergonomics for industry

Durability and performance

6151607830 / 6151607820


If you are looking for an industrial grinder or sander that will offer the right level of durability and performance, the CP3750 series from Chicago Pneumatic is hard to beat. CP3750 7” grinders and sanders are particularly suited to industrial tasks where maneuverability and reliability, coupled with operator comfort, are essential factors. Ideal for use even in the harshest environments, applications for CP3750 grinders and sanders include metalworking in foundries, bridge and road construction, shipbuilding, and rolling stock. Thanks to their innovative design, CP3750 series grinders and sanders are compact, lightweight, and very maneuverable, while also delivering the high performance and durability associated with all our Chicago Pneumatic products. The tools are driven by a sturdy 2.2 HP (1,640W) motor that has been redesigned to deliver better efficiency and generates more power and torque than equivalent motors of the same size. This ensures that CP3750 grinders and sanders maintain a consistent rotation speed to ensure optimal grinding and sanding performance at all times. A rugged metal outer casing protects the moving parts and further contributes to impressive tool reliability.
Christophe Roland - expert - head zoom

As a result, CP3750 grinders and sanders have a maintenance interval of 1,000 hours.

Christophe Roland , Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

Compact and ergonomic

Despite their heavy-duty credentials, CP3750 7” grinders and sanders are comfortably light in weight and easy to use, with grinders weighing 2.9 kg and sanders 2.3 kg. The compact head of the grinder allows for excellent visibility over the piece being worked on to help improve precision and achieve a quality finish. A swiveling air inlet allows the operator to direct the device wherever is most convenient, and a one-hand Swivel Guard makes it easier to position the grinder to achieve the best result. For enhanced safety, CP3750 series are equipped with a reinforced, streamline safety lever and a vibration-damping side handle for additional operator protection. The CP3750 completes our comprehensive range of 7” tools, which includes a wide choice of industrial grinders and sanders to meet virtually any application or budget.