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New CP86 cordless connected torque wrench from Chicago Pneumatic provides excellent process control


Product Cordless torque wrenches Cordless & Electric Tools

June 25, 2021

Extend mobility and high precision without compromising on safety

Chicago Pneumatic has launched an innovative cordless connected torque wrench – the CP86 series – which delivers exceptional mobility and precision for general bolting applications. The connected tool is the first on the market available with an app to provide instant performance feedback on the job and better control quality processes in the field, increasing productivity.

Christophe Roland, Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

The CP86 tool is designed with customer needs for high torque and performance levels in mind. The novel nutrunner combines the mobility of a battery tool with high precision and process control features, making it easy for operators to tighten bolts quickly and properly the first time, therefore saving precious time and improving their productivities.

Christophe Roland , Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

Four models of cordless torque wrenches

CP86 series_3D-product-highlight_range_HD.jpg

The new range comprises four models providing torque levels from 300 Nm (170 to 8100 Nm (5975 ft/lb) and is suitable for bolting applications in the energy, mining, construction, and railway industries, for example on oil and gas pipelines, wind turbines, heavy-duty vehicles, and off-road equipment. Each model is also available in three variants depending on the requirements of the application: the standalone CP86 tool, and the connected C as well as the CQ variants with a dedicated CPLinQ app giving performance, tool maintenance status, and tightening report.

High accuracy and excellent mobility

The CP86 nutrunner provides a constant tightening speed of up to 10 rpm for excellent control and delivers high precision with +/- 4%* accuracy. This high accuracy ensures that bolts are tightened correctly, thus preventing over- or under-tightening and the associated risks of bolt joint failure. Thanks to a new battery generation, the tool also offers excellent mobility, allowing users to work with the tool everywhere for a longer time without needing to recharge it. Since it is cordless, there is no need for pumps or compressors that are required with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Excellent process control can be achieved thanks to the CPLinQ app which provides managers with instant access to the real-time status of the tool and job performance data. The C variant features tool status management, a maintenance timeline, and an operating alert so operators can anticipate any tool issues before they arise and carry out preventative maintenance activities. By the same, the P-set mode allows securing the job by decreasing human error on torque or angle selection.


The CQ version offers the additional functionality of data collection, quick reports, and P-sets with counting sequence amongst others. Armed with the performance data, operators can save time spent on each job, decrease error rates, and time reworking a bolt. Furthermore, users of the CP86 CQ can reinforce their overall company quality standard.

Long-lasting and compact 36 V / 2.5 Ah battery

The CP86 features a long-lasting and compact 36 V / 2.5 Ah battery which allows for extended use. The high cycle rate of more than 250 cycles** per charge is almost 50% higher compared to other tools in its class and means operators can get more use from each charge to increase their productivity. Additionally, the battery has a high drain capacity enabling it to continuously supply the right energy level at the right moment. The tool delivers this excellent performance without compromising on safety. Protection features include a second start button and swiveling with an ergonomic handle so operators can be confident of achieving a good grip.

Chicago Pneumatic is celebrating its 120-year anniversary in 2021. The company has a legacy of passion for performance and long-lasting partnerships and is committed to developing innovative, reliable products and services based on technology and trust. This new series of nutrunners is part of an innovative range of products designed to help managers improve productivity and operator to secure the job and work in a safer condition through intelligent technologies and a problem-solving approach.

Christophe Roland , Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

CP86​ Series - Extended mobility, high process quality, and precise accuracy at your fingertips