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Chicago Pneumatic introduces the most compact and lightweight ½” cordless wrench on the market


Product Cordless Impact Wrenches Cordless & Electric Tools

July 9, 2021

Air tool performance in a cordless tool! 2-in-1 unique technology for improved productivity

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new ½” cordless impact wrench – the CP8854 series – that is the lightest and most compact tool in its class with low vibration levels. Based on a new technology combining the efficiency of a standard double hammer pneumatic system and electronic control, the CP8854 offers unmatched performance. Weighing at least 25 percent less and with at least an 11 percent smaller size than competitive models, tire changing specialists and OEM can now benefit from the power of a pneumatic tool but in a more lightweight and maneuverable cordless version. Furthermore, the tool has been designed to provide the highest performance levels, coupled with excellent ergonomics and safety features, enabling vehicle service professionals to increase productivity.

Tire changing and quick service wheel applications



The CP8854 impact wrench is ideal for tire changing and quick service wheel applications on light vehicles including cars and vans. Mechanics can easily use the wrench to remove wheels quickly for access to brakes, suspension, and shock absorbers, and thanks to a built-in shut off feature, can then pre-tighten wheel nuts with no risk of overtightening. 

Yann Pasco

Mechanics and vehicle service professionals do not have to compromise on performance and can now benefit from the excellent operation of Chicago Pneumatic’s trusted air impact wrench but in a cordless tool. As a result, they can perform their wheel service jobs more quickly and with increased maneuverability.

Yann Pasco , Vehicle Service Global Business Development Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

Excellent ergonomics

The impact wrench has been designed with operator comfort in mind and offers excellent ergonomics weighing just 5.51 lb (2.5 kg) and with a length of 7.44 in (189 mm). In addition, the tool features Chicago Pneumatic’s one-hand reverse system (CP Side2Side) for ease of use and a bi-material handle that gives a comfortable grip. 

Safety in the workplace


The tool is also available in a 2” anvil version – the CP8854-2.

The CP8854 wrench also contributes towards improved safety in the workplace. Minimal vibration levels of 9.3 m/s² – which are also at least 25 percent lower than competitive tools – mean that operators are at less risk from hand-arm vibration syndrome or wrist injury. Moreover, the impact wrench features a friction ring socket retainer for added security. The tool delivers 780 ft.lbs (1050 Nm) of torque at a speed of 4500 rpm, which is three times higher than alternative cordless wrenches, so vehicle service professionals can perform their jobs more quickly for high levels of productivity.

The CP8854 cordless wrench features a two-stage trigger in the forward direction. By gently teasing the trigger, the tool can be used for snugging wheel nuts instead of hand tightening, and with full tease, the wrench delivers full power with a shut off at 80 ft.lbs (120 Nm) torque to prevent over-tightening wheel nuts.

Robust and reliable

The tool is robust and reliable, featuring drop and shock protection for high durability. An elastomer cover protects the clutch housing and elastomer cap while shock absorbers protect the tool so it can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Additionally, the tool benefits from over-heating protection whereby the cooling fans run independent to the motor.

Furthermore, the wrench’s 18 Volt 2.5 Ah battery delivers excellent performance with a high runtime and low energy consumption. Based on tests conducted at a car manufacturer’s workshop, 2,800 cycles were performed in four weeks, and the battery was only charged four times.

At Chicago Pneumatic we share a legacy of passion for performance and long-lasting partnerships. In 2021, we are proudly celebrating 120 years and we are as committed as ever to offering innovative, reliable products and service based on technology and trust. The CP8854 was designed with innovation and customer needs in mind. This new series of impact wrenches is part of a new range of products designed to help vehicle service professionals improve their productivity through intelligent technologies and a problem-solving approach.

Yann Pasco , Vehicle Service Global Business Development Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

CP8854 series - Get the lightest and most compact ½” cordless impact wrench in its class