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Chicago Pneumatic’s dedication to the automotive industry spans decades. We understand the specific needs of maintaining and repairing cars and truck fleets. In addition to the right power tools, we also develop and build the compressed air and aftermarket solutions that meet every automotive demand. With Chicago Pneumatic, best operating practices in automotive become your own.


CP8848 cordless and trolley jack with a car


  • 产品:可靠性、人体工学、安全性、坚固性和易用性
  • 服务:快速本地服务提供很好的支持
  • 专业经验:基于数十年经验而提供的专家建议,范围涵盖了工厂、现场、认证质量测试和培训等各个方面。
  • 零件:原始备件和服务
  • 供货:通过专门的全球生产和分销网络快速便捷地交付产品